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Loudspeakers - UPDATED 2017-08-05


The topic of this year's shootout will be "Efficient loudspeakers".


The shootout will be in mono, so only one speaker is needed to participate. The shootout will take place in "Centersal 2" like in 2015 and 2016. This is a quite large room, so we will provide a sub below 300Hz.


This means that to take part in the shootout, you will have to provide a passive loudspeaker with a sensitivity of at least 96dB/2.83V/1m. The impedance should not dip substantially below 4 Ohms.


There are no other limitations to the design or working principle of the speaker. However, you must move the speaker to and from the playing position yourself. Helpers allowed, but you must arrange it yourself :-) If your speaker needs a stand, bring one.


The speaker must have a single pair of 4mm banana sockets.


Amplification will be a relatively powerful tube amplifier with reasonably low output impedance.


How it will be done


We will measure the frequency response and SPL of each participant in order to match levels.


Each participant will be given 10 minutes to tune speaker position and adjust level between sub and speaker.


The crossover will be an 6th order Bessel subtractive filter with center frequency of 300Hz. It has equal phase shift in both channels. Thank you to Frank Blöhbaum and Ralf Raudonat for providing this.


The shootout itself will follow the usual "ABBA" sequence.




The following people have wished to take part in the shootout:


  • Frank Schröder
  • Jérôme Falampin
  • Michael Ulbrich
  • Charles Michlin
  • Ulf Weidhase
  • Frank Blöhbaum
  • Christian Bubendorf


We will cap it at 8 participants to keep prep time reasonable.